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Be a True Bicycle “Roll Model”


Florida’s need for more ride safety programs is a key reason the FBA Board of Directors decided to make the creation of a Ride Leader to Ride Marshal certification program.  We all want to feel safe when we ride in groups and having strong and skillful ride leaders to teach and train us is a comfort that helps all of us truly enjoy the sport.

Whether you are leading a community ride, club ride or a major charity event over multiple days, the FBA Ride Leader to Ride Marshal certification provides the fundamentals of bicycle group ride training.  This training and certification program is designed to be modular in approach to allow FBA bicycle club members and individual FBA members to choose the modules that are most relevant for their needs and ride leader development.

The current modules we have developed include:

  1. Welcome/Introductions to Bike Safety:  An overview of cycling statistics and review of the Florida Bicycle and Pedestrian laws and Cyclist rights on the road.
  2. PCP:  Preparation, Communication and Predictability – preparing your body and your bike; helmet fitting; communication and hand signals and keeping everyone safe in the group by self-controlling behaviors and actions that impact the group.
  3. Role of the Ride Leader/Ride Marshal – from tutorials before the ride to on the road coaching and compliance, judgement and communication.
  4. Advanced Cycling Skills and Group riding:  Pace line etiquette, pulls and rotations, etc.
  5. Accident and Rider Down Procedures:  What to do when a rider is down and how to access severity of injuries to determine best course of action.
  6. Community Rides and Riding with Children:  Safety tips and parent’s role.
  7. On the road Team/Class Ride:  Practical application of skills learned in class on an actual group ride.
  8. Written Test/Quiz.

We look forward to scheduling 3-5 training sessions during the fall of 2017.  The fees for this program are simple:  Membership in FBA for your group or organization AND individual FBA Membership for each ride leader we certify.

For more information and to request a training, please complete our ONLINE REQUEST FORM.

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