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Law Enforcement

Having an excellent two way relationship with Law Enforcement is the only way we can advance cycling. Law Enforcement must both understand and acknowledge the important role cyclists play in transportation culture. They must become our allies in the roadway through understanding applied.

FBA is working hard at this relationship by launching two Roll Call videos produced in 2012 that will be used in the Law Enforcement Training institutes and as morning roll call videos in LE departments. These programs were requested by Law Enforcement and funded by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

Bicyclists and Roadway Use

“Bicyclists and Roadway Use” explains the use of the roadway by cyclists and within the framework of the Florida State Statues. Officers learn by seeing the examples of correct and legal practices applied.

Who are Bicyclists

“Who are Bicyclists” details who are using these pedal powered devices and how that use is advancing into all ages and sectors of the population. Many different types of human powered vehicles are now using the roadways too and the appropriate statues can be easily misunderstood. Through the use of actual people using these pedal powered devices officers can understand the changing trends and changing ways that the bicyclist is bringing solutions, not problems into the transportation mix.

FBA is committed to continued advancement in this area and considerable solutions have already been generated.