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Keeping the FBA SHARE of Share the Road License Plate Funding



Thank you for supporting Florida Bicycle Association!

On Wednesday, February 24, SB 7062, aka Specialty License Plates, was heard before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development.  A Proposed Committee Substitution was introduced by Sen Brandes which in essence combined SB 7062 and SB 1390 into one bill.  In the process of combining the two bills, amendment 702386 was completely dropped and a few other amendments were changed or dropped. Florida Bicycle Association staff attended this meeting in support for the proposed committee substitution for public record.

This substitution was passed 7 to 1 (the opposition was for minimum requirement of sales and not related to Share the Road proceed distribution).  In a nutshell, it’s as if amendment 702386 on the Senate side never happened.

This bill is scheduled to be heard by two more Senate committees:  Appropriations and Rules.  We will continue to monitor the bill progress but feel the Share the Road proceed allocation is no longer a topic of conversation.  FBA will monitor the bill to support the Senate version and not the House version as the final version should it go before the Governor to sign into law.

The Florida Bicycle Association wishes to thank everyone for contacting their legislators and Senate committee members.  Please take a moment to thank the senators on this committee for their support:

Chair: Senator Latvala – Clearwater –

Senator Brandes – St. Petersburg –

Vice Chair: Senator Clemens – Lake Worth –

Senator Gibson – Jacksonville –

Senator Detert – Venice –

Senator Diaz de la Portilla – Miami –

Senator Sachs – Delray Beach –

Senator Thompson – Orlando –

The links provided will take you to the senator’s web site and there are places on these websites where you can contact / email the senator.  It may take a little time, but the effort will help build a positive relationship with legislators.

Please take an additional moment to send a thank you to Senate President Senator Gardiner for his support to have SB 7062 amendment 702386 dropped.

Senator Gardiner – 

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board, thank you for your support of the Florida Bicycle Association.  FBA will continue forward as the only membership driven state organization for bicycling education and advocacy.