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Posted by on Jul 15, 2014 in advocacy, bike culture, FBA, members | 0 comments

The Ask is ON!

Tim Bustos will spend his last day as Executive Director of the Florida Bicycle Association presenting the 2013 FBA Bicycle Professional award outside of Orlando, won by Sarita Taylor, the FDOT Safety Office Safe Routes to School Coordinator.

The relationships that Tim has developed with national, regional, statewide and local organizations dedicated to transportation, public safety and yes, bicycling, are a testament to his commitment and passion for the Florida Bicycle Association.  His leadership, professional manner and behind the scenes recollections of Davis (California) will be missed, but his involvement with cycling and the FBA will continue.

I realize these are big shoes to fill, and his efforts have made the path a little easier to navigate, but the journey continues and the FBA must move on.  Even more shoes to fill will be those of Dan Moser.  His departure is scheduled for the end of the month.  As Program Director, Dan has kept many projects going and running smoothly despite obstacles and nuances of updated software and databases.  Dan is an unsung hero and workhorse who, to my knowledge, has never shied away from a challenge and always got the job done.

Another significant change at the FBA is Mighk Wilson stepping down from the FBA board to take the helm as president of the American Bicycle Education Association.  ABEA is the new home of CyclingSavvy, the traffic cycling education course designed to teach the principles of Mindful Bicycling.  The Florida Bicycle Association is proud to continue its support of CyclingSavvy and will promote the program and even boast a little that the state of Florida is now home to a national organization dedicated to cycling education.

My words of praise will never match the actions and zeal these men have given to the cause, but their contributions and accomplishments can be honored through FBA membership.

Membership is what makes an organization strong, noticeable and respected.  Members of the Florida Bicycle Association get it.  They get that this organization dedicates itself to do what the everyday cyclist doesn’t have time for – build relationships with transportation planners, promote educational programs, distribute publications that address cycling laws, and pay a lobbyist in Tallahassee to look out for cyclist interests when the Florida legislature is in session.  It’s work and a lot of it, but an individual membership of $25 pays for the work and successful efforts the Florida Bicycle Association has achieved and then some.

FBA membership needs to show it’s not just a hundred of cyclists that care; it’s thousands of cyclists that care and we’re not letting up.  FBA is going to continue to grow as an organization and continue to show that as cyclists, we are not backing down.  We will ride and we will fight for our rights to ride by supporting the organization that has been fighting for our rights since 1997.

The Florida Bicycle Association supports all Florida cyclists and provides resources for educational materials, publications and programs.  Help us continue to support Florida bicyclists by becoming a member, renewing your membership, asking a riding buddy to become a member, or asking your club or favorite bike shop to become a member.

The “Ask” is ON!  Starting today and until the 2015 legislative session, I’m asking you and everyone you know who enjoys riding in Florida, to unite as FBA members to prove we mean business.  Let’s ride together, no matter where we are in Florida, as members of a strong and respected organization – the Florida Bicycle Association.


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