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Posted by on Sep 30, 2014 in FBA | 0 comments


I have 311 contacts stored in my cell phone.  I was curious so I looked.  My curiosity to know the stored contact number stems from phone calls I receive everyday from people not stored in my cell phone and I wondered what the odds were of someone calling after hours that is not a stored contact.  Then I remembered I have a note from my doctor that excuses me from doing math after 5pm.

The real story is this.  I received a call last night around 8pm and I did not recognize the number, so I let it go to voice mail.  Had it been during business hours, I would have answered it.  Anyway, a message was left and it was someone I knew asking me for a favor.  A favor that required me being dressed and out the door the next morning at 8am.  I’m a person who likes to plan and prepare, and although I wasn’t happy about the last minute request, I figure there had to be a reason and decided to go with a YES rather than a NO.

The request was simple.  Jim Shirk, FBA’s 2013 Volunteer of the Year award winner, asked me to go with him to the Hillsborough County MPO meeting this morning as they recognized his achievement following the presentation I did at the Hillsborough County BPAC meeting on September 10th when I initially presented Jim his FBA award.

For those of us who know Jim, he rarely asks for anything.  In fact, Jim is usually the one doing all the offering, hence the volunteer award.  Anyway, I figured we could spend a little time talking Tampa Bay bicycle issues as we carpooled to the meeting and maybe I could get him to recruit a certain bicycle shop to become a FBA member shop.

photo 1

Me, Jim Shirk and Hillsborough County Commissioner Mark Sharpe, Hillsborough MPO Chair – 9am Tuesday morning

Jim and I did talk bike and actually came up with a few good ideas.  Jim also came up with the check to cover the newest FBA bicycle shop full member, City Bike Tampa.  Remember earlier when I mentioned I like to plan and prepare?  I took a few minutes last night after the request call and printed up a FBA Business certificate for City Bike Tampa.  Jim’s presentation at Hillsborough MPO was soon followed by my presentation at City Bike Tampa.

photo 2

Austin of City Bike Tampa accepting the FBA Business Member certificate

Suffice to say, I updated the unrecognizable phone number and Jim Shirk is stored contact #312.  312 stored phone contacts and two really cool photos to add to this blog.  I’ve no doubt my phone has numerous other things in it, but it’s after 5pm and I have that note from the doctor 😉

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