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Human Powered Delray

Today we have as a guest blogger the BikeCultureRising blog and excerpts from the efforts of Human Powered Delray and a project in Delray Beach known as Bike2Market (shared with permission):

November 10, 2014:

The Delray GreenMarket (or what I like to think of as the weekly “Delightful Dogs of Delray Parade”), a project of the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency, has partnered with Human Powered Delray (HPD) to encourage more healthful and community-building bicycling and walking with the slogan,“Bike2Market… Green as it Gets”.

The project began at the first GreenMarket of the 2014 season. “We are so excited to have Human Powered Delray on board to add support to our green initiatives,” said Lori Nolan, Delray GreenMarket manager. “This is a perfect partnership to kick off our 19th year.”

HPD is promoting a bike and pedestrian transportation grid as part of an ambitious master plan to make Delray the state’s most bike- and pedestrian-friendly city. The citizens’ advocacy group provides a variety of products and services to GreenMarket shoppers including bike corrals, backpacks for market purchases, safety helmets, informational bike education and more.

“HPD has been hard at work coordinating with the CRA and other local entities on numerous bike-pedestrian initiatives,” said Jim Chard, head of the government relations committee of HPD. “We’re excited to kick off at the Delray GreenMarket and show citizens the alternative way to work, shop, meet, play, exercise, and commute.”

Established by the Community Redevelopment Agency in 1996, the Delray GreenMarket has become one of the most popular and charming aspects of the “season” in Delray Beach. The GreenMarket has more than 65 vendors along with live musical entertainment each week. The GreenMarket is a lovely Saturday morning destination as an open-air marketplace located at Old School Square Park on NE 2nd Avenue, a half block north of Atlantic Avenue in downtown Delray Beach.

November 29, 2014

Human Powered Delray’s Bike2Market initiative at the Delray GreenMarket was (once again) a big hit on Saturday with many bicyclists showing up and grateful for the supervised bike corral and for the knowledgeable and friendly HPD volunteers managing the busy bike parking facility.

The numbers have been steadily growing since the market opened in October for the season. More and more folks are discovering the not-so-secret joy of riding a bike to the local green market (especially on a beautiful day!) and getting to know their fellow bicyclists in the area who also appreciate the charm, elegance, and simple pleasures of local human-powered mobility.


Bike parking facility filled to capacity at the local green market – priceless!

December 13, 2014:

As is becoming the norm at the local place-to-be on Saturdays, the Delray GreenMarket, fascinating people on equally fascinating human-powered vehicles are showing up at Human Powered Delray’s lively Bike2Market free bike parking facility (where all the cool people hang out… just sayin’). Just a few weeks back, abundantly animated Paul Anderson of ABC Circus showed up on a classic, old-time “high wheel” penny-farthing bike.


Today, pedaler-on-a-mission Stephen Szucs of Sustainable Joes rolled up in an antlered, stealthy, sticker-shocked ELF (a solar-powered tricycle made by Organic Transit) adventurously making his way from Canada all the way to Key West. (In hindsight, I should have offered to build him some pontoons – I am, after all, an amateur wooden boat builder – so that he could make the project an even more daring “Canada to  Cuba” campaign!)

As stated on the website:

We aim to make sustainability cool and smart the new sexy. We believe thought precedes action. Therefore, as we get more and more people #RETHINKing sustainability in their own lives, we believe we will realize greater sustainable action in all our lives.

I know what you’re thinking: What about that name?

The name SustainableJoes is derived from the mission of “Joes” ~ to make sustainability easy for all “Everyday Joes.” It is spelled in plural form because both feminine Jo, and masculine Joe, make a group of Joes. We chose to use an ELF, made by Organic Transit, for leg one of the #RETHINK tour because it is a beautiful example of a company #RETHINKing sustainability.

Now you know, Joe (or Jo).

Safe travels, Stephen! (… and sunny days and frequent tailwinds)

December 16, 2014

The smiles and laughter at Human Powered Delray’s 2014 Holiday Party at the fabulous historic Colony Hotel reflected the mood of the young, enthusiastic organization after a year of great progress promoting safe and viable human powered transportation in Delray Beach. Here are some of the year’s highlights:

  • First HPD Safety Awareness Walk (September 8) – HPD’s hosts first Pedestrian Safety Awareness Walk to bring attention to areas in Delray Beach like SW 17th Avenue that need sidewalks and to encourage city officials to make pedestrian safety a high priority.
  • Colored Bike Lanes Approved – The Federal Highway Administration approves City’s request to use green pavement for bicycle lanes throughout the city, as advocated by HPD since its inception in 2013.
  • First HPD Bicycle Safety Awareness Ride – Over 50 riders turn out for Human Powered Delray’s first Bicycle Safety Awareness Ride. The ride “theme” highlights the importance of making long overdue safety improvements to George Bush Boulevard.
  • Bike2Market Launches at Delray GreenMarket (October 25) – To encourage Delray Beach residents to ride their bikes to the Delray GreenMarket on Saturdays, HPD initiates a booth and “bike corral” parking facility featuring: free backpacks to carry home market purchases; maps of proposed Atlantic Avenue Loop with connectors to the beach, Tri-Rail, shopping, and El Rio Trail; bike raffle; historic Delray bike tour maps; bike education focused on safety, repairs, and local trails; and information about weekly group bike rides in the area.
  • Passage of Ped-Bike Master Plan Resolution (December 2) – HPD Interim Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan unanimously passes in Delray Beach Commission meeting.
  • Rewrite of Delray Beach Land Development Regulations (LDRs) – HPD recommends several improvements to LDRs in support of human powered mobility Including special setbacks for preservation of space for bike and pedestrian and use, sidewalk width minimums, linkage of existing bicycle trails, etc. (read more… )
  • Alternative Bike-Ped Transportation Network Tours – HPD conducts numerous alley tours for state and local officials to demonstrate the potential of an alternative bike-ped transportation network.

Thank you Rich for sharing your stories and congratulations to Human Powered Delray for all your accomplishments.  Keep going!!

For more information about the Delray GreenMarket:

For more information about Human Powered Delray:

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