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Posted by on Jul 28, 2015 in FBA | 0 comments

Divide and Conquer

Last week our guest blogger Ron Cunningham of Bike Florida invited you to the Share the Road Celebration of Cycling event.  This event is in conjunction with the 36th Annual Horrible Hundred event in Clermont during the weekend of November 13-14-15.  
For those of you paying attention, you may recall that the Florida Bicycle Association holds a Florida Bicycle Club Leadership Workshop in conjunction with the Horrible Hundred, and yet, there was no mention of it in last week’s blog.  What’s up with that?

Well, plenty is up with that, including a once-in-a-lifetime event called WHEELS.  Allow me to explain.

Florida bicycling friend Herb Hiller presented the WHEELS concept during a Florida Bicycle Association Board of Directors meeting over a year ago.  The concept is becoming a reality, culminating November 11-15 in South Miami.  This five-day celebration of bike-walk-transit-trails called WHEELS will feature:

  • Trail rides and runs
  • A ciclovia that will shut down a section of Ponce de Leon Boulevard for a mass ride
  • A two half-day conference
  • Three programs of safety training
  • Free fitted helmets
  • Bike tune-ups
  • A street party and family festival
  • A preview installation of The Underline that will transform the M-Path into a showplace of civic use and beauty
  • Honors – at last — paid to Kirk Munroe who, 125 years ago, made Coconut Grove the advocacy home of American bicycling.

Best of all, all of it is FREE!  Who can say NO to that?  Not me.  Not only will I be there, but I’m seizing the opportunity to move the FBA Florida Bicycle Club Leadership Workshop to take place in conjunction with WHEELS on Saturday, November 14, from 3pm-5pm.  In fact, I’m so inspired to take this program to south Florida that I’m giving it a new name:  The Florida Bicycle Best Practices Workshop.

FLBBPWorkshop logo

A formal announcement and details are soon to follow.

What an exciting time for the two beneficiaries of the Share the Road license plate proceeds to have a presence in two different regions of Florida, at the same time, promoting one common cause: bicycle education.  So what are you doing this November?  If you find yourself in the Clermont area, support Bike Florida and check out the Celebration of Cycling.  South Florida?  Get aboard with FBA for a spin at WHEELS.

Divide and Conquer?  Don’t let the first part of the blog title fool you, WE ARE UNITED!

Editor’s note:  Herb Hiller will be our guest blogger next Tuesday to elaborate on WHEELS.

Bike Florida and Florida Bicycle Association share a common cause in bicycle education for residents and visitors to the Sunshine “Bike-Ped” State.  Share the Road license plate proceeds benefit Bike Florida and Florida Bicycle Association to further these bicycle educational efforts.  What’s on your motor vehicle?  Get the Share the Road license plate!

Did you know Rejjee is the only nation-wide multi-product registry and crowd sourced Lost & Found that includes discount product replacement offers on bicycles?  Rejjee also supports Florida Bicycle Association and FBA supports Rejjee.

Do you have a bicycle story to tell?  Photos to share?  Be our guest and be our next guest blogger!  Send your story and photos to  Speaking of stories, our quarterly Messenger newsletter is available online for your internet reading pleasure.  Visit the FBA website Home page or click here.

Not a member of FBA?  Really?!?!?  What are you waiting for?  You belong with us – Join FBA Today!

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