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Posted by on Jun 9, 2016 in FBA | 0 comments

Change of scenery

Our blog took a vacation last week.  This week, the blog somewhat needs a vacation from the vacation.  It’s hard to jump right back in to blogging when so much work piles up for missing just a few days, but I digress.

The vacation you ask?  Oh, I went to Colorado.


Water break during hike to Hanging Lake

I have family in Glenwood Springs and have visited on numerous occasions and seen all parts of the state.  This particular trip was to attend my nephew’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor ceremony.  Yes, my nephew is an Eagle Scout.  18 years in the making and I couldn’t be more proud.

There was a time, back when my nephew was eight years old, that he questioned if he would even make it to be ten.  He questioned his existence past ten because his older sister, ten at the time, had just lost her life while riding a bicycle and being hit by a motorist who fell asleep at the wheel.  My sister was also hit during this crash and survived after numerous surgeries and months in ICU and rehab.

Eleven years ago it was tough, and my nephew, not long after losing his older sister, was subject to bullying by kids in his own grade school.  The bullies were relentless, but my nephew persevered.  Eventually, my nephew was held back a year to create space between the bullies and himself and to give him the opportunity to get his grades up.

I bring this up because it pertains to his Eagle Scout project.  There are very few good memories of grade school for my nephew.  Sure, the separation from the bullies helped and he came into his own through middle and high school by being in the band and playing football, but grade school for the most part, was not a happy time for him.

His Eagle Scout project?  He took on a beautification project for his old grade school.  That’s right, his old grade school.  He led a crew to improve the flower beds in the front of the school and lay down pavers to a section of dirt in the back of the school.  The dirt was part of a walkway and created a muddy mess in certain weather conditions.


My nephew William outside Sopris Elementary in Glenwood Springs, CO

My nephew William took a place of painful memories and created a proud achievement.  He can literally look back now and see something positive and beautiful.

Yes, last week my sister and our family celebrated a major accomplishment.


Eagle Scout William Carlson of Glenwood Springs, CO

We celebrated William and all of his accomplishments.  We celebrated the young man he has become and the future he hopes to achieve in the US Air Force.  We celebrated with the living and those whose memories live within us.


Balloons with messages of love are released in memory of our lost loved ones.

Ok, so this blog isn’t work related, but it is what is on my mind – a vacation to Colorado; a change of scenery and an inspiring young man.

Congratulations, William!

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