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Posted by on Aug 2, 2016 in FBA | 0 comments

Show of hands

I support “Vision Zero Florida.” Let’s commit to reduce and ultimately eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries in the State of Florida.

Click HERE to sign the petition.

Fellow Floridians and friends from afar,

The State of Florida, residents and visitors are joining together to drive down bicycle and pedestrian fatalities on our roads.  Florida currently ranks highest in the nation for bicyclist fatalities, and number one is not where we want to be.  Efforts are being made across the state to improve the situation, and in response to those efforts we are seeing fatality trends start to level out. The Florida Bicycle Association has spent many years working with our state agencies, local counties, municipalities and law enforcement to educate and promote safety, lifestyle and tourism as it pertains to bicycles.  Every fatality is someone’s family member, co-worker, or friend. And every one of those lives count. One life lost is one too many!

Just this week, Rudra Bhatt, a Cooper City teen who was on his way home from school, was struck and killed by a pickup truck. Days earlier, Wayne Ezell of the North Florida Bike Club was struck while touring in another state on vacation. Regional advocates and bicycle clubs across the state have made continuous requests to make bold moves relating to advocacy. The recent loss of lives is the tipping point and the time has come to take action to bring collective attention to the matters of safer streets for all.

The Florida Bicycle Association, in our desire to be inclusive and recognizing the need for unity, is asking all road users (motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and transit users) to join us as we request our policy makers to adopt “Vision Zero Florida” to raise awareness and complement the current “Driving Down Fatalities” campaign of our own Florida Department of Transportation.


Vision Zero” is setting a goal of zero traffic fatalities and severe injuries for all users.  “Vision Zero” has national and international branding.  Yes, “Driving Down Fatalities” is, in essence, “Vision Zero”, and it is imperative to set a goal of zero traffic fatalities and severe injuries for all users.

Recently, the City of Fort Lauderdale became the first city in the Southeast United States to make a public policy of “Vision Zero.” The City of Tampa and Hillsborough County are considering adopting similar policies, and many other states have set this standard and some are achieving it. We can effectively promote safe, active lifestyles for all and make it clear to our state legislators that this is what Floridians desire for themselves, their friends and their families.  As Florida’s single largest membership-supported education and advocacy organization for bicycling, the Florida Bicycle Association knows it has a responsibility to represent all those seeking to enjoy an active lifestyle and active transportation. With our statewide reach to residents, businesses and visitors, the Florida Bicycle Association is taking a bold step and we want you to take it too.

Our plan is simple. Over the next several months in advance of the legislative session, we will be reaching out to our existing community network of bicycles shops, clubs and members. Additionally, we are taking the next step to connect with other road user groups across the state who are affected by the tragic loss of life on a daily basis. Let us know how we can help you spread the word. It is up to each of us to be the solution. Please stay involved and share with friends and family on social media, at the local coffee shop and around the water cooler.

Thank you for supporting “Vision Zero Florida”.

Click HERE to sign the petition.  The number of names will be our show of hands.

Editor’s note:  We wish to thank contributing editors Alert Today Florida and Velo Fest Community Initiative of St. Augustine.

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