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Posted by on Jan 2, 2018 in FBA | 0 comments

Happy Holidays – part three

Two weeks ago we started a three-part blog series dedicated to a true, feel-good bicycle story.  The beginning of this story is featured in our winter Messenger and these next two parts will be featured in our spring issue.  This week Mateo continues his story.

Mateo is a high school junior, earning Florida Bright Futures Community Service Hours through his contributions to Florida Bicycle Association.  After witnessing first-hand his enthusiasm for cycling, Mateo was asked to tell his story. The following is Mateo’s second chapter in describing what the bicycle means to him.  We hope you enjoy this unique perspective:

It was December in Quito, “the great capital”. The city’s foundation party had just ended, but celebrations continued.  The sleepless youth of the city did not understand reasons to calm their excitement and the community elders couldn’t understand the necessity for the youth to be “reckless.”  I didn’t understand it either, but I felt the furor.

I should note that a significant trait of Quito is that its weather is unpredictable.  In December, it could be raining one day and sunny and beautiful the next.  On this one particular day, however, everything felt in its place: the weather was stable and the ambience was neither loud nor quiet.

This was the day I met Eduard. Eduard had watched me mimic those TV memories and he called me over.  As I moved towards him I noticed his judging eyes gazed upon me, scrutinizing my own.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I was looking at the man who would become my BMX coach.

I remember him saying to me, “I see you enjoy the track very much. Would you want to join our club?”

I said yes immediately.  It was one of the happiest questions I was ever asked.  I can look back on my life and remember the emotions that describe the stages of my life – this one without doubt was happiness at its greatest expression.

My Aunt Patricia drove me back to the house asking me if I had completely lost my sanity.  She peppered me with questions, “What is your mom going to say? Who is going to drive you there?”  The questions were a quiet voice playing in my mind, taking a back seat to what I felt in my heart.

Once we got home, I ran directly to my mother and asked if I could be an assistant to this club.  My mother looked at my eyes full of joy, my pupils nearly fully expanded.  She said yes. My elation was finally fulfilled.

On behalf of the Florida Bicycle Association Board of Directors, we wish you a happy and healthy 2018.

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