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Posted by on May 14, 2019 in FBA | 0 comments

Espresso Blonde

It could have been the saddest day of my life, thankfully it wasn’t. It was, however, game over for my beloved Dahon Espresso. The frame had cracked just below where you insert the seat post. Don’t ask me how, it simply did.

This is not something you re-attached with glue

In the shock of this sense of loss, I learned a few things. The first thing I learned is that the Dahon Espresso 26″ wheel bicycle is no longer sold in the United States. Oh, it’s sold, just not in the US. I considered a trip to Toronto, but then I learned something else. I learned the frame has a lifetime warranty.

I learned this when I called the shop from which the Dahon was purchased five years ago, Acme Bicycle Shop of Punta Gorda. Owner Karen Freeman was more than helpful in not only contacting Dahon for the frame replacement, but in transferring all the components.

The new frame on day of pick up with all components transferred

Unfortunately, the frame color was not going to be the Cobalt Blue I have grown to love. Nope. The frame color is now beige. I know, it doesn’t sound like a color one embraces, but when it comes as what could technically be determined as a new bicycle, you welcome it. I decided the best way to welcome my new bicycle was to tweak the name; I now have a Dahon Espresso Blonde.

It’s good to have the ride back. Not that I was without bike, quite the opposite. In fact, during the transition from blue to blonde, I showed some love to the Schwinn Moab III mountain bike (yeah, I still ride my 1998 hardtail) and the Trek 520.

The Schwinn Moab III made an appearance at the Guana River Wildlife Management area; the Trek 520 (not pictured) attended Sharky’s Ride the Beaches

About that new bike: It’s a Dahon; it’s the 26″ Espresso model (currently sold outside of the US); it folds neatly behind the front seats of my Honda Element (making it the perfect travel companion); and it’s Blonde. WhooHoo!

Blue in 2018 and Blonde in 2019..any guesses as to where my ride took me (twice)?

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