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Posted by on Feb 28, 2022 in FBA | 0 comments

Happy Florida Bicycle Month!

Florida Bicycle Month (March) and National Bike Month (May) celebrate the bicycle as one of life’s simple pleasures.  Yes, riding a bicycle is simple, once you master balance, that is.  Bicycle riding is often associated with words such as freedom, adventure and fun.  All I know is, it makes me smile to get on a bicycle.  Sometimes all it takes is a smile to know that life is good.

And so, I find myself smiling quite a bit during March and Florida Bicycle Month.  It’s the weather, the people, the bicycle, the celebration.  That’s right, the CELEBRATION!  How wonderful to have this job, a job that save lives through education and advocacy with the support of our members. That’s how I know I’m not alone – the members and sponsors of FBA – so let’s celebrate together.  Happy Florida Bicycle Month!

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